Get Started

There are many ways to get involved with the nRide project

Try the nRide App

The nRide application is the first implementation of the nRide protocol, which includes all the features and functionalities covered in the whitepaper. Get early access to the application, and explore the potential of nRide.

Get Tokens

The NRIDE token is a dual utility and governance token that provides access to the nRide platform and its services, while also allowing holders to participate in the decentralised governance mechanism of the nRide Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

Decentralized Governance

By staking tokens in the DAO, users can vote on governance proposals to update protocol parameters, or spend tokens from the treasury to fund initiatives that benefit the community.


nRide is an open-source project. The registry, and the escrow smart-contracts are published on Github. The rest of the code, in particular the libraries that implement the messaging protocol and the app components, are still under development and will be open-sourced soon. We encourage contributions!