Who we are

We believe in the power of P2P networks, where decision-making is democratized, and ownership and transparency are at the forefront.

In the future, many organizations will be structured to be more community-driven in the form of DAOs. A paradigm shift of this nature will lead to permissionless innovation, alignment of business objectives between users and companies, and new business models.

We initially saw the value this could bring to the ride-hailing industry and began developing nRide, a decentralized ride-hailing application. We quickly realized that the foundations on which the nRide app was built could be open-sourced for developers to leverage to build the next fleet of gig economy-focused applications and more.

The ultimate goal of nRide is to create an ecosystem of interconnected applications that leverage the nRide protocol. Each promoting ownership, transparency, and trustlessness.

How it started

The concept for nRide was born at the NKN - Gitcoin GR11 hackathon in October 2021, initially focusing on creating a decentralized ride-hailing application. Our focus has since expanded to creating the nRide protocol, with a set of open-source libraries and smart contracts that other developers can use. the nRide application will be the first application to implement the nRide protocol.